ADBL Interest Rate has been published for deposit and loan products effective from 1st Chaitra 2080.  The Agricultural Development Bank limited will pay  maximum 5.76% on Remittance Bachat account and Matribhumi saving account among saving accounts product. Furthermore, depositors can get 6.6661% on ADBL Remittance FD and Lakhapati Karodpati Dhamaka Muddati Khata -Remittance account on  fixed deposit account. 

ADBL Base Rate for the Month of Chaitra 2080

Base Interest Rate for the month of Chaitra 2080 is 9.39%. Quarterly average Base Interest Rate is 9.72%.

ADBL Interest Rate on Saving Deposit Accounts

Deposit TypesRates (%) Per  Annum
Hamro Bachat Khata3
General Savings3
Bal Surakchya Bachat Khata4
Sanyukta Bachat Khata3.5
Chetanshil Nari Bachat4.26
Samunnat Chetansil Nari Bachat4
Kirshak Bachat4.25
Shareholder Bachat4.5
Sambriddhi Bachat4.51
Ba Ama Bachat4.76
ADBL Platinum Savings4.76
Karmachari Nibritibharan Bachat4
Social Security Special Saving4
Purbakarmachari Samman Bachat4.76
Sabai Nepali Ko Bachat3.75
ADBL Salary Account4.75
Payroll Bachat4.75
Corporate Payroll4.75
Remittance Bachat5.76
Matribhumi Savings5.76
ADBL Interest Rate on Fixed Deposit

Institutional Fixed Deposit Account

Deposit TypesRates (%) Per  Annum
6 Months and upto 5 Years4.01
6 Months and upto 5 years (bidding)4.51

ADBL Interest Rate on Individual Fixed Deposit Accounts

Deposit TypesRates (%) Per  Annum
Three Months4.2551
Six Months4.5551
Above 6 Months upto 1 Year5.2551
Above 1 Year upto 5 Years5.6661
ADBL Remittance FD6.6661
ADBL Special FD5.2551
Mero Khusi Mero Bhawisya FD5.2551
Sewa Nibirtta Karmachari FD5.2551
Lakhpati Karodpati Dhamaka Muddati Khata- Remittance6.6661
Lakhpati Karodpati Dhamaka Muddati Khata- Individual5.2551
ChoriChora Jeevan Samunnat Khata5.2551
ADBL Recurrent Muddati Khata5.2551

USD Accounts

3 Months and upto 1 Year5


Akchayakosh (Endowment Fund)4.01

ADBL Interest Rate on Call Deposit Accounts

Deposit TypesRates (%) Per  Annum
Call Deposit LCY1.5
Co-operative Call Deposit LCY1.5
Call Deposit USD2
Call Deposit EURO (EUR)1.5
Call Deposit POUND STERLING (GBP)1.5


ADBL Interest Rate on NRN Deposit Accounts

NRN Saving Accounts
Japanese Yen2.4


NRN Fixed Deposit Accounts
Japanese Yen3.9
ADBL Interest Rate on Loan Account
Loan TypesPremium on Base Rate (%)
Agro-Production Loanupto 2
Livestock Loanupto  2
Fish Farmingupto  2
SauliyatpurnaKarja (Interest Subsidy Related))upto  2
Yuba SwarojgarKarjaupto  2
ColdStorage Loanup to2
Agro- Tools Purchase Loanupto3
SaralKrishiKarja( Except Interest Subsidy)upto 5
Wholesale LendingUpto2
Industry, Processing & Mines LoanUpto3
Hydropower and other Alternative Energy LoanUpto3
Service LoanUpto3
Home Stay Service LoanUpto3
Tourism Service LoanUpto2
Business LoanUpto3
Household Loanupto 5
Employee Service LoanUpto2
ADBL Interest Rate on Overdraft Loan
Individualupto 5
Institutionalupto 5
Overdraft Cardupto 5
SaralThekkapattaKarja/Demand/ Contract LoanUpto3
Hypothecation LoanUpto2
ADBL Interest Rate on Home Loan/House Purchase Loan
Upto5 YearsUpto2
>5 to 10 YearsUpto2
> 10 to 15 YearsUpto3
Above 15 YearsUpto 5
Other Loan Account
Land  Purchase LoanUpto3
Business Complex and Housing LoanUpto3
Education  LoanUpto2
Hire Purchase LoanUpto2
Auto LoanUpto2
Loan Against Gold and SilverUpto4
Loan Against Fixed Deposit  ReceiptCoupon RatePlus2%
Loan Against Government and Other SecuritiesCoupon Rate Plus 2%
Margin Lending LoanUpto2.50
Consortium FinancingAs per agreement
Bridge Gap LoanAs per agreement
TR Loan NPRupto1
TR Loan USDSOFR Plus Premium
Pre-shipment LoanUpto1
Post shipment LoanUpto1
Reconstruction LoanAs Per NRB Provisions
Advance on CreditUpto3
Salary Account Loan/Professional LoanUpto2
Mortgage LoanUpto3
Foreign Employment LoanUpto3
Subsidised Bagmati Province LoanAs per the Agreement with Province Government
Subsidised Lumbini Province Loanupto 2
SubsidisedKarnali Province Loanupto 2
SubsidisedSudur Paschim Province Loanupto 2
Bayabsay Jiban RakshyaKarja (Gandaki Province )Upto3
Short Term Loanupto 2

Value Chains for Inclusive Transformation of Agriculture (VITA) Loans

Agriculture and ForestAs per the agreement with IFAD
FisheryAs per the agreement with IFAD
Agriculture, Forest, and Beverage ProductionAs per the agreement with IFAD
Transportation, Storage, and CommunicationAs per the agreement with IFAD
Wholesale and Retail BusinessAs per the agreement with IFAD
Finance, Insurance and Fixed AssetsAs per the agreement with IFAD
ADBL Interest Rate on EMI Products
Agro tools4upto 2
Home Loan  
5 years3.5upto 2
10 years4upto 2.5
Above 10 years4.5upto 3
House Purchase  
5 years3.5upto 2
10 years4upto 2.5
Above 10 years4.5upto 3
Land Purchase4upto 3
Education Loan4upto 3
Hire Purchase4upto 2.5
Auto Loan4upto 2.5
Salary Account Loan4upto 2.5
Home Stay Service4Upto2.5
Overdraft Individual4upto 5


  • Interest Rates on Loan and Advances (Floating Rates) shall be adjusted as per the change in average Base Rate of previous three months.
  • Effective Base Rate for the month of Falgun, 2080 could be obtained from adbl official website .
  • The Interest Rates (Fixed and Floating) for Endowment Fund (AkchyaKosh) would be determined based on mutual agreement.
  • The rates for FD with maturity over five years will be decided on mutual agreement within the limit of published FD rates.
  • Interest Rates of working capital VITALoans (Value Chains for Inclusive Transformation of Agriculture) will be as per the bank’s own policy.
  • Kindly contact adbl nearest branch or visit further details.